Microsoft Edge Legacy with VirtualBox

1 minute read

This guide was originally written for development setup

The following are the steps for downloading and running Microsoft Edge Legacy on VirtualBox.

Step 1 — Download Virtual Box

Head to, and download the appropriate platform package.

Step 2 — Download Virtual Machine

Microsoft’s has kindly provided us with images from IE8 to MSEdge. You can download these images at

  • Select the MSEdge option under Virtual Machine.
  • Select VirtualBox under Platform.
  • Click Download .ZIP.

Step 3 — Extracting ZIP (optional)

The MSEdge virtual machine comes compressed inside a 7-zip file. Mac Archiver may not be able to extract this file. You may download The Unarchiver in order to extract the image.

Step 4 — Installing the Virtual Machine

  • Double click on the .ova file.
  • Once VirtualBox is launched update the RAM setting to at least 1GB if you can afford it.
  • (optional) Create a snapshot of the Virtual Machine. This will help when the 90 days of trial expires.

Step 5 — Booting up

  • Select the MSEdge Virtual Machine.
  • Click Start.
  • Wait for Windows to boot.
  • Once started, install Guest Additions
    • Click Devices on the toolbar menu.
    • Select Install Guest Additions.
    • You may have to restart the Virtual Machine.

Step 6 — :moneybag:

  • Once started, you can use MSEdge to load up the website in question.
  • MSEdge’s developer tools is called F12.